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A world without sports is so difficult to consider. Sport is a vital component of humanity. Common people count sports as part of their existence.

Sport has evolved so much over a period of time. Records indicate that sports had existed about four millennia ago. That was the earliest data, to date, of the occurrence of sports.

Notwithstanding its ancient beginnings, it has become a huge economic enterprise and income-generating endeavor for everybody all over the planet.

Naturally, the sport was unheard of when a man was just starting to walk and stand erect. The survival instinct of man and his search for food paved the way for the evolution and benefits of playing sports.

With man’s millennia of existence, he has adapted and evolved and so did sport. It has gone from raw skill to a form of entertainment that is a force to reckon with and has become a part of everyday living.  It has data recorded for posterity. And that data shows it is indeed colorful and far-reaching.


Ancient findings show the Chinese early civilization integrated sport into their lives.  Not just the regular sport, but one with rules and closely observed. The early form of gymnastics is generally attributed to the Chinese people.

Relics that are still in existence today help prove the Chinese gymnastics history. They also loved to participate in a game that is akin to football or soccer.


The ancient Egyptians also had their moments in the world of sports. The era of the great Pharaohs appreciated games and sporting activities. Game Fishing was encouraged.

They had rules and observers to ensure fairness. The Egyptians also love swimming competitions. They also like high jumping, wrestling, and javelin throwing. These games are still around today and are even included in the Olympic calendar.

Records show that the Greeks invented these sports including the Olympics. They must be recognized as the inventor of the Olympics, but, games and sports and their variations have also been noted from other countries as well.


The early Persians must be given due recognition for jousting, a sport that was mistakenly credited to have begun in England. Polo was also another sport in which the Persians love to participate in.

The Middle Ages saw the evolution of sports into stiff contests among brethren of different cultures. It started as a game among the local folks, and then settlements started to compete against other settlements.

Contests and games within settlements and villages have been noted to go out of hand, sometimes becoming more physical and violent.

These physical contests have resulted in serious injuries, more so when one settlement tries to overpower another.

Obviously, these do not really speak about the benefits of playing sports at all. The ruling class usually joins or observes horse racing.

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Great Britain exerted its utmost influence in the sporting world during the 19th and 20th centuries. They were able to propagate the game of cricket to all portions of the British Empire.

It was also around this time when the United States of America started team sports like baseball. This game was mostly enjoyed in the Northeastern portions of the United States.

present time:-

At present, sports is more than just a game, it has become an economic enterprise. Now, players earn millions in salaries and endorsements, team owners spend millions of dollars to provide the viewing public better sports arenas that will, in turn, generate more income.

It is no longer merely a game. Nonetheless, the benefits of playing sports cannot be outdone by its growing commercialism. And it will stay not just in history, but definitely in the future generations of mankind.